A new season means a new stage. Never forget why you started, and you can accomplish your mission. Since Jayfi started, we have been on the way to produce the top quality earphones, to provide the top quality service and to offer the top quality audio experience. We endow the earphones with our sincerity and perseverance. We believe music is the best bridge of communication between Jayfi and our customers. And the most important is that we will progress together to be better and better.

Today, we would share a review from Keiko Yuuki.

‘’These Earbuds were a shock when I tried them out the moment I had received them. They have the feel of quality and sound amazing. They do not have any of the hollow or muddy sounding frequencies like other earbuds do. If I were to compare these to another brand, it would be like Bose, but with better Frequency response, meaning the sound is naturally fuller and not dull and lifeless. The earpieces are Aircraft Aluminum and come with 4 sets of ear adapters, 3 silicon and one memory foam, which is what I found most comfortable. They Internal transducers handled all of the power my ASUS Zenfone 3 and Apple iPhone 6S could put out with zero distortion, but with the design of the earbud, they are Noise Isolating, meaning no vent holes for sound to leak into, so great for higher noise environments. The Microphone picks up clearly and with without the tin cup sound on the other end, and the microphone piece doubles as a Mute button for both the Mic and the Music on your Phone and MP3 player. I have even tried these out on my professional Audio Processing Equipment, and matching Reference Headphones in the $250 range. I have found my new daily use Ear Buds and have never been happier!

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