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Today we share with you the review on X1 Wireless by English User--Weston.

"The design is well classy but nothing really too unique. That may be a good or bad thing depending on what you like. If you want something a bit special, then they might be a bit plain for your taste, but I quite like the more subdued styling.


Comfort is usually a sore spot for me when it comes to earphones, but these are actually good. The angled nozzles help them sit better in my ear. Usually after one or two hours, I’m done, but with these I managed three plus before needing a break. Plus they’re very light too coming in at just 15g, meaning no tug.


The JayFi use Bluetooth 4.1, which is fairly new and is backwards compatible, so if you have an older device you should be covered.

Connecting these to a device is very simple. You long press the middle button on the remote until the LED light flashes Red and Blue alternatively. Once that happens, simply activate Bluetooth and search. After a few seconds the Jayfi should appear, you’ll want to keep an eye out for JayFi X1 as that is the code. Once thats popped up, simply select it and let the devices do the rest.

Noise isolation and Leak

Isolation of these earphones is pretty great, they do manage to block out a fair amount of noise. The seal they create is pretty tight so therefore not much is going to get in. Of course how loud you have your music plays a big part, but even without music they do a decent job. I tested them on public transport and they did really well at blocking out most external noises. Of course they won’t be on a par with noise cancelling, but they are good in their own right.

Leak is well handled too, its pretty minimal and if you get the right tips then you aren’t going to really bother anyone. Of course if you do turn them up then leak does become a little more prominent, but these actually leak less than some other rivals I’ve tested.


When companies use technical jargon and new types of tech its hard to tell what to expect. These use something called SOUNDR jyi which is supposed to give the different frequencies better separation. They also use JHQ which is a form of supposedly lossless sound quality. To be honest I’ve had experience with lossless before and it was quite magical, but are these?

Well the sound is pretty average to be fair. Its just about what you’d expect from a pair at the price. They jargon they are using to sell these is to be honest not doing a deal.

The bass is decent, it packs a solid punch and the drop is fairly deep. The bass is fairly clear but can get a touch murky at times. Detail is average but on the plus side, it doesn’t hamper the rest of the frequencies.

The mids are just as good as any other pair at this price and with that you get decent levels of detail. But nowhere near what you’d expect to get from lossless. In sound separation is decent and you can identify what is happening, most of the time. If there is a lot going on, it becomes a little to much for these to handle. But for your average chart song they cope well. The colouration is quite neutral and they are not to warm nor too cool. Soundstage is lacking, but that is more a trait of earphones and st this price I wasn’t expecting it to be great.

Vocals are good, they are clean, clear but do lack a little potency. Detail is admirable and tonal quality is nice.

As a whole I was expecting better, when the advertise lossless sound that is what you’d expect, but these fail to deliver. If they didn’t advertise this as a feature then things maybe different. But when you advertise something, you need to deliver and these do not. If you take the marketing out the equation they are a decent sounding pair of earphones, but to be honest I’ve heard quite a few that sound just as good at the same price. So there is nothing in the sound department that sets them apart."


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