Jayfi, as a newly start-up company, always sincerely welcome and receive different suggestions and feedback from different users for further improvement of products and service. We are also happy to share other users’ experience with you, which is a motivation and affirmation to us. We really appreciate it that Joe Heredia gives us such affirmation to Jayfi X1 Wireless Earphones.

"Amazing high quality pair of Bluetooth earphones, they sound great and the quality of the design is outstanding. They stick in your ears even during running, and they really sound great compared to some bigger brands. The inline control and mic works really well and is not too bulky or heavy for it to cause an issue.

It also comes with a really nice looking carrying case, so you dont loose them! Even the packaging is a really present experience.

Definitely suggest this product if your in the market for wireless headphones."

It is really an honor and pleasure to receive our users’ love and support. We will devote ourselves to share our love and attitude for music with you all the time.

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X1 Shooting by Joe Heredia: