Jayfi™ Care aims at providing the top quality after-sale service for customers.
Under any circumstances, we are ready to serve and also embrace your suggestions. Business is not simply selling and buying, but also a platform to share attitudes, ideas, passion and a kind of lifestyle.
Thus, Jayfi™ is the most sincere music partner to customers more than a seller. What we pursue is not only providing customers with the best products but also superior service, offering a fantastic music journey and a magic user experience.

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What’s Jayfi™ Care?

Jayfi™ Care is an after-sale service launched for offering much better and more comprehensive user experience, therefore, within the Jayfi™ Care warranty period you have purchased, if there is something wrong with your products , we will replace them with a new one free of charge. 

How's Jayfi™ Care run?

You need to fill out the blanks above and purchase Jayfi™ Care warranty period. For now, Jayfi™ Care is free of charge.
You only need to log in Jayfi™ official website and contact us when your products fail to work, and we will handle free product replacement instantly for you.
Please make sure to provide true and valid information so that you can receive our products.