Simple Elegance, High-Grade, Ergonomice Design.

The design idea of JAYFI™ is simple elegance and high-grade. Generally speaking concision is often in conflict with high-grade, so it’s a huge challenge to our designer.

What we've been pondering is how to design a simple and high-grade headphone which is also in conformity with ergonomics design.

Metal casing is applied to the major appearance design of JAYFI™ products.

To guarantee long service life of headphones , we adopted Copper-Chromium alloy as cavity material for keeping durability and high-grade.




Before a headphones come into being, it must undergo a long process from designing, testing to mass-producing. JAYFI™ apply the notion of effort to each of our headphones and hope it can be a music friend to the owner.





We hope to convey our deep enthusiasm for music through our headphones. In the future we will continue efforts to create better products and make our headphones carry more beautiful music.